APARECIDOS>Palito Bombon Helado    
Album:  Palito Bombon Helado
Artist:  Aparecidos
Year:  2012
Label:  AltrOck Productions
Cod:  Alt-031
Genre:  folk, jazz, rock, prog, Films soundrack
Price:  13 €


"Palito, Bombon, Heladooooo!"

It's the tipical shout of “heladeros” in the street of Buenos Aires and South America.

Cities and places that preserve the memory of times when ice for the icecream was only imported from England and United States of America.

Argentinian brothers Santiago and Facundo Moreno, Buenos Aires originals, arrived in Italy after the economical crisis of 2001 and integrated in the musical scene of Genoa, giving life to the “Aparecidos” project, mixing jazz, folklore, milonga and sperimentation. 

To date, the band is as follows:

Facundo Moreno: classic guitar, charango

Santiago Moreno: classic guitar

Tommaso Rolando: contrabass, electric bass

Marco Ravera: electric guitar

Santo Florelli: drums

Manuel Merialdo: percussions, glockenspiel

  The first record "Lo que hay en el charco" was out in 2009 for the Dodicilune Label.

 "Palito, Bombon, Helado" is out now on Altrock with some lineup change and a different energy.

Who have seen their concerts knows that there's a kind of magic, also because of the close partnerships of the brothers with the world of circus and street theater...

South America, Andean music, tango, the narrow streets of Genoa, the port, improvisation, cumbia, milonga, the concerts in the streets, the magic of circus and its melancholy, all this is 



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